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New York Comic con is just around the corner – October 10-13, 2013!

Round 2 will be there – stop by and see us at booth 443. You won’t want to miss our new model kits, die-cast cars, slot cars, Forever Fun, Captain Action, and even the Wicked Witch of the West will be in display.

How Slot Car Racing Works

posted by Slot-Models 11:12 AM
Thursday, June 20, 2013

slot-car-racing-1Though many people have heard of building model cars, not as many have heard of slot cars, which are a bit more interesting because of their functional ability. Generally, a slot car has an electric motor within it and is used to run on a lane with its own guiding slot, hence the name slot cars. The primary usage of a slot car is through the hobby of slot car racing.

Slot car racing involves the skill of properly taking curves and dealing with other obstacles while maintaining a high speed and keeping the car from ‘deslotting,’ which is where it loses its grip from the slot and is knocked out of the track. Though slot cars were most popular in the 1960s, there are still many diehard hobbyists who continue to race slot cars.

Amateur And Serious Slot Car Racing

posted by admin 3:40 PM
Monday, May 13, 2013

Within the world of slot cars, there are certainly different groups of people. There are those that view it as a fun pastime, and there are those that view it as a very serious hobby. Within the latter, it’s common to participate in slot car racing. Again, there is a range of how serious people take this endeavor. Some do it for amusement, while others actually place serious money on the race itself.

The major challenge when it comes to racing these slot cars is balancing control with speed. Anyone who thinks you can merely push the car at its fastest for the entirety of the track will quickly “deslot,” or completely leave the track altogether. Corners can be particularly tricky, because you have to learn to gauge the fastest you can go without derailing. In increasingly competitive levels, there are even jumps, which also require an expert touch to determine the right amount of speed.

KISS Race to the Stage Pro Racing Dragstrip

posted by RebaR 11:43 AM
Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Auto World® is set to hit the road with the legendary rock band KISS®! Take these 4Gear™ funny cars to the track and try to be the first one to cross the finish line, equipped with win lights to indicate the victor! This set includes everything you need to Race to the Stage! Cars come equipped with two neodymium traction magnets make these dynamite racers grip the track for super high speed racing excitement.


Kit includes:

  • Four 4Gear™ KISS® Funny Cars
  • Fully Functional LED Christmas Tree
  • Electronic Finish Line with WIN Lights
  • Two Variable Speed Controllers
  • In-Track Sensors for Red Foul Light
  • Pro and Sportsman Racing Modes
  • 13 Feet of Race Track
  • Free Standing KISS® Stage Towers

John Force Wins 15th NHRA Funny Car Title!

posted by JohnG 2:33 PM
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He’s done it again! That legend of NHRA funny car racing, John Force won his 15th Funny Car Championship this past Sunday. He came from behind with a “forceful” effort in the Auto Club NHRA finals. He had been trailing competitor Matt Hagan by 38 points prior to Sunday’s eliminations but in an interesting turn of events, Hagan lost to Bob Tasca in the first round. It was 61 year old Force’s second round win, defeating Bob Bode that secured title number 15. It’s the first since 2006, when Force ended up with bad leg injuries in Texas during a crash at Ennis. Force is happy to be back with his arms and legs in good shape and Sunday’s win proves he’s as great at ever.

Auto World is truly excited about John Force’s latest Championship win, with the imminent release of the Auto World John Force NHRA Electric Slot Racing Drag Strip Set! The buzz over this truly exciting product has been overwhelming! It includes a working electronic “Christmas Tree” starting light and a victory light indicator at the end of the track. Auto World 4Gear™ Slot Racers of John and Ashley Force’s car are included along with precision speed controllers and more. Click here for more information.

First Painted Samples for John Force Drag Strip Slot Car Set!

posted by TonyK 5:04 PM
Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello everyone!! It’s been a while but I wanted to share with you some photos of the first painted samples I received of John Force and Ashley Force Hood Funny cars. These cars look fantastic and look great sitting on our 4 Gear chassis. Check out all the fine details on the cars!!

Since I’m here discussing the Force Funny cars, I wanted to let you know how the Drag Strip slot car set is coming along. We should be seeing samples to test anytime now and I know you’re anxious to make some runs down the track as much as we are!!

Keep your eye out also for an NHRA 4 Gear slot car program which will have 8 NHRA cars based off Funny cars and Pro Stocks. Make sure you have your NHRA drag racing license ready!!

Auto World Slot Cars: Drag Racing! -Exclusive Sneak Peek-

posted by MikeG 11:06 AM
Wednesday, August 5, 2009

start_gate3Later this year, we will release the most exciting slot car race set ever. 1:64 slot car drag racing is coming from Auto World! If you have been itching for a working drag racing christmas tree and finish line for your 1:64 race sets, look no further. We have this scheduled to be available early 2010.

Features of this set include:

  • Working LED christmas tree
  • 2 race modes: Pro and Sportsman authentically timed to NHRA regulation
  • Foul light sensor to prevent early starts
  • 2 variable speed controllers and UL approved power pack
  • Electronic finish line with win indicator
  • Two BRAND NEW authentic Funny Car or Pro Stock racers
  • 12 feet of race track (track extends easily for longer dragstrip action)
  • Scale speeds over 300mph
  • Cars safely stop at end of track

This track is compatible with all of our existing race sets, so you can make your dragstrip as long as you like! When we did our initial testing, we set up a nearly 35-foot dragstrip! We could hardly put the controllers down it was so much fun.

Take a look at these pics of the early tooling mockups we used for testing. (Of course these are pretty rough and will have the wiring fully hidden in production) This is exclusive to this blog and never seen anywhere else!

Using our 4Gear chassis, we have tooled 3 new racers; 2 funny cars and a pro stock. Shown here are the very first test shots.