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Premium 1:64 die-cast

posted by RebaR 3:53 PM
Thursday, September 5, 2013

Listed below are the premium 1:64 Die cast from Auto World and why the designers chose them


Premium Price Point


1961 Dodge Dart Phoenix

The ’61 Dodge was selected simply because it is one beautiful automobile, and had not been made in 1:64 scale as a hardtop. The bodylines make for an interesting piece of die-cast from all angles as if it’s a rolling sculpture. In addition, our cars are scaled to perfect 1:64 scale, so this HUGE ride looks way cool sitting next to some of our smaller replicas.




1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Why would we NOT choose this steel beast? Never made in 1:64 scale, this land yacht dwarfs most die-cast at nearly 3 5/8 inches long. Driving a ’76 Caddy was like rolling down the road in a giant waterbed. We also liked the fact it has a 500 cu. in. motor!


1971 Dodge Dart Swinger

The ’71 Dart is another car chosen since it’s new to true 1:64 scale. This Dart was often modified by adding a Dodge Demon hood with the dual scoops. Of course, we also tooled this option, so look for this variation in the future. Little known, the dual scoop hood was available stock in the Canadian market.


1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

The ’69 Trans Am is rarely seen in this scale die-cast since technically it was only available in 1 color. GM only produced it in white with blue stripes. That said, we HAD to make this car better than anyone and correctly scale the tires as well. We feel we’ve succeeded. The orange variation would be considered a custom color.


1967 Ford Mustang GT

We chose the ’67 because it’s without a doubt a classic. We wanted to make it right! We scaled it perfectly, including the wheels and tires. The result is one of the finest Mustangs available in 1:64 die-cast.


1966 Chevy Impala SS

When collectors talk about their Impala collection, there has always been a void in their stable. The 1966 was missing. Auto World has changed that. Behold, the 1966 Impala SS has been authentically replicated in true 1:64 scale with matching rims and tires. Rejoice!

The time is approaching! Sound the alarms, tell your friends, start your engines, and open the windows near your collection because it’s about to get some fresh air. For months, we have been developing an all-new line of true 1:64 scaled die-cast. This entire line of die-cast will be TRUE 1:64 scale all the way down to the wheels and tires. Even the hard wheels and tires on the 2.99 versions are scaled to real tires. As collectors ourselves, we’ve harnessed our years of experience and knowledge and channeled it into the ultimate line of die-cast destined to become the benchmark of quality, scale, and authenticity in the marketplace. The entire line revolves around the unique thrilling experience of finding your favorite small cars, prolonging your childhood, and the passion that these little machines ensue. There will be 3 versions with all new tooling that will be available at mass retailers like Walmart, Meijer, and Toys R Us (currently as of this writing) nationwide late this summer!


2.99 versions:

These are constructed using a die-cast body with a plastic chassis featuring 2 piece free-rolling hard wheels. Most will have no opening features, but are specifically geared toward play-factor with fast-rolling wheels! Remember those regrets as a kid when you ruined your BEST-rolling cars by taking them into the sandbox? Yeah, these are those. They’re fast. You’ll want to roll them everywhere. These will be packaged in a blistercard.


Release 1 will include:
2012 Camaro ZL1 Convertible
2012 Corvette Z06
1966 Pontiac GTO
1967 Corvette 427
1967 Buick Gran Sport
1984 Camaro

5.99 versions:

These will feature a die-cast body AND chassis with 2-piece knurled axle (dumbbell-style) with correctly matched and scaled rims and rubber tires. Most models will have opening hoods with a multi-piece engine. The attention to detail on these is world-class. We’ve lost sleep, consulted experts, and nearly cancelled vacations in order to make these as accurate as humanly and mechanically possible! These will be packaged in a blistercard and include a mini box to protect your car once removed from the package. These include:

1971 Dodge Dart

1961 Dodge Dart Phoenix

1967 Ford Mustang GT 390

1976 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

1969 Pontiac Trans Am Coupe

1966 Chevrolet Impala

6.99 versions:

These feature a similar level of detail to 5.99 cars, but will have a licensed tie-in and will include a newly tooled hard plastic display case! These will be in a protective plastic clamshell. Release 1 will replicate cars from both Road & Track and Car and Driver magazines. These include:

2011 Callaway Corvette
1965 Ford GT40
2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302
1966 Oldsmobile 442
2011 Hennessey Camaro
1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1